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Looking for Contact Lenses?

Most people with vision conditions have no problem wearing contact lenses. And, with new materials, replacement schedules and lens care technologies, wearing contact lenses has never been easier. However, you may have difficulty wearing lenses, if: • your eyes are irritated by allergies. • your work environment hosts large quantities of dust or chemicals. • you suffer from uncontrollable diabetes, severe arthritis in your hands, or an overactive thyroid. • Your eyes are overly dry due to medications or pregnancy. Visit Dr. Ducklo to find out if contact lenses are right for you. Fitting and Evaluation: If you come to us for an eye exam, and are a previous patient whom is happy with their contact lenses, a contact lens evaluation is all that is needed with your full eye exam to allow you to continue to use contact lenses. We will check the fit and prescription of the lenses before ordering, as well as, the health of your eyes. If you come to us as a new patient or as an existing patient, needing more than a simple prescription change in your contact lenses, a new fit or refit may be needed. If you are a new contact lens wearer, new or established patient, you will have a full fit. The prices range from $80-$175 (plus exam fee) depending on the complexity of the fit. This fitting, in addition to you full exam will include a 30 day follow-up to ensure that the prescription and fit of you contact lens is correct, proper training of how to insert, remove, and care for contact lenses. It is certainly important to check out costs when considering contacts, but don't base your decision on cost alone. All

Visiting Our Office for the first time?

Here’s what to expect, and what to remember, when visiting us. An eye doctor visit is like many things in life: the more effort you put in, the more value you’ll get out. When it comes to visiting our office, the effort you invest in being ready for your appointment will bring a return that’s clear to see. Dr. Smith has the information, expertise, examination tools and treatment resources necessary to help you maintain healthy sight—so it’s best to be prepared for your eye doctor visit. Eye Doctor Visit: What To Expect You might be going to a regularly-scheduled eye exam. You may be following a recommendation to see an eye doctor after a vision screening or the recommendation of your primary care physician to rule out problems such as diabetic eye disease, or macular degeneration.  Your next eye doctor visit could be a response to vision problems or eye discomfort. The more you know going in, the easier the entire vision care process will be. For regularly scheduled eye exams, expect to talk about any changes in your medical history since your last eye exam. And if this is your first time at our office, you’ll be asked to provide a more complete medical history, including a list of medications you’re currently taking, and any vision problems your parents may have experienced. In addition, you’ll undergo a series of vision and eye tests that help determine the overall health and quality of your vision. These tests also help to check that your current prescription glasses or contacts (if you have one) is still meeting your vision needs. Your eye doctor will also check your eyes for signs of any potential vision problems or eye diseases. In many instances, your pupil may be dilated (opened)